A fabulous exhibition of paintings and sculptures was held by ten of the galleries favourite artists.

Courcoux Contemporary is an art gallery situated in the picturesque village of Nether Wallop in Hampshire, England. They deal with the work of their stable of artists, including those featured on their website. The business was established in 1985, making it one of the longest-running galleries in England. We are proud to share the fact that we had two “sold out” exhibitions with this exclusive gallery.

The following are some comments from the curator and the owner:
(We just had to boast!)

“Werner’s work is some of the most impressive pieces of art that I’ve seen in a very long time”. 
“People love Werner’s dishes and we have sold all of them”. 
“I could have sold one of the pieces (titled Avenue of Trees) several times over”.
“We are so impressed with the reaction, that we are willing to rent a London gallery space in Cork street (Centre of contemporary art in London) and give Werner an exclusive show there”.