Pretty flowers, a dazzling yellow and red delight, sunshine and bright, what a beautiful delight.

The production process of every piece is very detailed and best explained through a series of photographs taking you through the process step by step.

Steam Pressing and Curing

The first part of the process is steam pressing the wood into a bowl-like shape. The reason we do this, is that one achieves so much more depth, than you would from a flat surface and it creates the base for an extraordinary piece of art.

Preparing the Base

After the curing process which can take anything from 4 – 6 weeks, depending on moisture content of the wood, we apply resin and glue cotton cloth over the base. This acts as the foundation for the lacquer that is then applied.


We apply between 10 – 14 layers of lacquer, or enough layers until we are completely satisfied with the finish. In between each application, we sand the bowl down, ultimately ending up with an extremely smooth, paintable surface.

Silver Leaf

Silver leaf is then glued on to the surface which effectively creates our canvas. The reason for using silver leaf is that we achieve truly vibrant colours that bring our designs to life, providing the look and feel of a glass finish. It is through many years of experience and our team of highly skilled artisans that enables us to know exactly when a plate is paintbrush ready. 

Hand Sketching and Painting

The design is sketched onto the plate and the painting can commence, arguably the true artistry side, although we value every step in the process to create our finished product. Our medium is oil based, so it takes time as we have to allow for levels to build up and the ‘background’ to dry. Depending on the intricacy and detail of each piece, this can take 5 – 14 days to complete. In some of our pieces we use ostrich egg-shell and / or mother-of-pearl to accentuate certain areas of the design. This effect makes for a truly tactile art piece.

Deep Polishing

After the painting is completed, a final coat or two of clear lacquer is applied and we begin with deep polishing. This brings out the colours and provides the smooth, glossy finish.

Worldwide Shipping

We are then ready to crate and ship the piece anywhere in the world. This only takes a few days to any destination, and could be hanging in your home, office or hotel in days, making a lasting  impression and impact that very few traditional art pieces can.