One of our older art collections displayed in our gallery at the Knysna Waterfront in South Africa. Today, all of our artwork is available to purchase via our website on our online store.

Original, authentic and timeless art pieces that increase in value and become sought after is key for any artist to make an impression in the world of art.

Although we have successfully sold art in every corner of the globe over the last 16 years, we are constantly reinventing ourselves and are extremely proud to launch our new website with our latest collection of art plates and designs. We have introduced a small, contemporary collection that will complement any open or modern space, albeit office spaces, private homes, hotels or resorts. This collection includes a range of works to suit any taste – now available to purchase on our website at our online store.

Werner Brand, our founder and primary artist, was born in 1970 near Hartbeespoort Dam in South Africa’s Gauteng province. After leaving school, Werner explored the globe, spent a good few years in the finance industry and subsequently embarked on life as an artist.

Our work is distinct – from the materials we use to the colours and textures that we display. Werner is always quick to point out that it’s a “team” effort. In this regard, he is correct (albeit, at times, too humble) considering that it takes up to 3 – 4 months to manufacture and paint one plate, and several artisans are involved in the process.

Werner’s inspiration comes from his passion for life and different cultures. He incorporates a strong African and European influence in his work and utilises Asian techniques. This unique mixture creates something that art enthusiasts will not find anywhere else. This approach to creation is a strategy that suits Werner’s lifestyle and personality. He always keeps the creative juices flowing and cares about the environment and as a result clients are assured of purchasing art that is different, sustainable and utterly unique.

Welcome to the world of Artefunto.



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